Surveys and Engineering

Telecom Surveys

We work with leading telecom survey partners who operate nationally, offering you a full survey (MSV) and design process for your wireless telecoms infrastructures. With over 10 years of experience in the telecoms surveying and engineering industry, they have a breadth of knowledge in delivering world-class survey data for some of the biggest projects across the UK.

Our specialist team can do 50 street works per week covering the length and breadth of the UK and all surveyors and engineers are highly skilled and certified to carry out work for Greenfield, Rooftop Sites, Street Furniture and Microcell sites.

At CAD Network we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the telecoms industry which is why we are one of the only agencies with a license to set up Ordnance Survey maps. These surveys offer intensely accurate data to ensure the precision and efficiency of our solutions for you.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering partners put safety and efficiency at the forefront of everything they do, taking full control of your electrical infrastructure demands to ensure success every time. They can produce electrical voltage drop calculations and schematics alongside lightning protection layouts for upgrade and new build sites.

If you’re looking for electrical load tests, they can complete a full range of comprehensive inspections when required on the site provider or landlord's power. These test packages include a load test report, cable calculation, on-site electrical photographs and an electrical schematic presented to the customer in AutoCAD. All of our electrical load testing services comply with the IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition.

Structural Engineering

CAD Network partners with highly specialised engineering experts who will support the management and provision of all your structural assets. We offer an unrivalled quality of service ensuring that all projects are executed to a high standard in line with appropriate SLAs.

Our focus lies heavily on the structural analyses of all telecoms supports including towers, mounts and parent structures and we are dedicated to ensuring you always receive end to end structural sign-off.

This is why we consistently offer a full-service package including everything from antenna support poles all the way to the structure foundation.

Please contact us for more specific rates on GDC Level 2 & 3 and steel fabrication drawings.