CAD Network – CAD Outsourcing for Engineering Projects

CAD Network is a team of dedicated outsourced CAD staff available for short and long term projects requiring high-quality CAD services.

Between us, we have expertise primarily in the fields of Mobile Telecoms but also in Structural & Civil Engineering, Architecture, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering and are trained to UK standards.

The CAD software packages we use include AutoCAD, Revit and PDMS. We also provide a temporary staff sourcing service if you have a job that needs to be done on some other software packages, and this will come at no extra cost in the final fixed price quote.

CAD Network Advantages:

  • Cost Effective – Competitive Fixed price rates reducing the need for Contract CAD staff on hourly rates giving your clearer indication of profit margins on your project. Never pay overtime rates again!
  • No costly Recruitment Fees
  • Quick drawing turnaround – Our globally based CAD Techs up to GMT +8 hours ahead that work weekends means your project deadlines will be met.
  • Document control – Long winded laborious tasks such as Drawing and Issue sheet set-up, Title blocks etc can be taken off your hands
  • Reduce Office Overheads –  Less Paper usage and eliminate the need for Computer Upgrades with the latest software
  • Degree Qualified CAD techs
  • We use the secure Dropbox for Business software so that we can file share easily and make sure all our staff have the latest files to work from.

Once we have assessed your CAD project we will come up with a fixed price quote per drawing or set of drawings and we will invoice at the end of each month for the work completed in either UK GBP (£), Euro or US $

Professional Cad Services for Engineering Projects with Cad Network

CAD Projects PlanThe need for CAD services is growing, as businesses find they don’t have the time to do all the computer designs inhouse.  We offer outsourced CAD services with a variety of applications in many areas.  Our AUTOCAD projects can assist in the many ways your company conducts business and communications on multiple levels.

CAD Drafting Services used in Structural Engineering

Every degree of structural design engineering can benefit from our CAD design services that include different ranges of modeling, the ability for expansion of specific projects, and the documentation and analysis.   Our AUTOCAD drafting services offer a high-quality level of structural detail, while saving you money with an assortment of cost alternatives to fit your needs.  The CAD drafting services keep in mind your desire for flexibility in your present project, as well as the capability of growth in the structural design.  Our expert staff put your ideas into visual sources, so you can focus on other project requirements.

CAD Services and Mobile Telecommunications

Mobile Telecoms - CAD network projectsIn order to create design solutions for a company’s mobile telecommunications network, there needs to be a lot of planning with the client’s goals in mind. Our AUTOCAD projects can help with the invention to make each business a stronger, sounder system, based on customer specifications and requirements.  Our professionals can assist with the drawing of steel structures to network equipment and its usage.  A CAD design service can go as far as initiating and supporting the ability to update and maintain present and future systems.

AUTOCAD Projects used in In Building Telecommunications

Telecommunication equipment in your place of business is just as important as your mobile network needs.  It may require an intercom system, telephone entry system and more, besides just your basic telephone services.  CAD outsourcing services can help you with all the drawings, details, specifications and even 3D modelling to have your on-site communication designs work with optimum efficiency.  By using CAD with your present system, you can maximize the way it works as well as get advice on possible updates at different price points.  Your business relies on the communication network and you need to be able to rely on it every hour and every day.  See what more can be done with your communication services and how it can build your business.

CAD Design Services and 3D Modeling

Our AUTOCAD services enhance your 3D modelling images with an impressive array of visual types.  Whether you are working with surfaces, solids, wireframe objects or even meshes, the 3D framework brings your ideas to life.  The outsourced CAD services can show the profiles or curves of the design.  Even when using a combination of technologies to smooth, sculpt or crease, CAD projects offer rotational views as well, moving between two or more styles.  The CAD design services make modifications simple and easy to manipulate.   Get the professional look and high level of quality for all your designs, in a timely manner and within your financial budget.

CAD Services and BIM

Many businesses have turned to CAD outsourcing for a myriad of tasks that range from the small and mundane to an all-inclusive project.  BIM is used by builders, designers and engineers to create cost effective building methods that will ensure long term satisfaction.  From the initial construction management to the latter operation of a facility or any other physical infrastructure, the 3D-based models can help explain, understand and improve communication.  With CAD drafting services, physical representations of projects can be networked from the designer to the builder.  It can also be extracted and exchanged, modified and refined.  The building information modeling is a necessary requirement for all of the most exact architects and engineers.  Managing the images has never been easier or more functional.  CAD services can make your whole project infinitely better from start to finish.

CAD Print ProjectsAUTOCAD Projects and CAD Printing

Any company can benefit from having all their business paper work done by CAD outsource printing.  No longer limited to paper such as signs, banners, business cards and flyers, the list goes on to include vehicle wraps, decals, event backdrops and even a wide variety of apparel.  Multicolor printing capabilities make using CAD services a wise decision.  Special customization can be created for all of the above elements and more.  The AUTOCAD drafting services can be done as quickly as needed with minimal preparation on the part of your business.  When the next event or any normal day needs have you looking for a quick and expert solution, CAD printing is just what you’re looking for.

Fixed Line Communications CAD Projects

Modern communication systems utilize a variety of technologies and demand integration levels be at their highest.  Design automation that is located in an equipment room or even underground can benefit from predictions of responses from the circuitry.  AUTOCAD Services can miniaturize the circuitry for visual and digital mapping.   Whether you need electrical schematics or lighting layouts, your fixed line communication system will profit from CAD services to give you greater ease in navigating and maintaining all system components.

Oil and Gas CAD Projects

Owners and operators can use the CAD design services to establish and improve their production, quality, and level of efficiency, as well as securing the compliance measures required for this industry.  When you need to keep your costs in line with your budget, you will find that our outsourcing CAD services are unmatched and will you bring you the desired effect for your business.

Planning Applications and Residential CAD Projects

Every architect, whether seasoned or new to the field, has a long list of demands that need to be incorporated into the project seamlessly.  The AUTOCAD drafting services can start with the proffered design and end in base layer sketches and detailed imagery.  The CAD drafting services include full building regulation drawings, work within specified budgets, provide necessary documentation and construction details.  Choose from solidifying estimates or allowing flexibility for each project, and each step of the way, by having applicable development certificates for the completion of your designs.  2D and 3D views will enhance your presentations to clients and staff.  Check out the AUTOCAD services to find just what you need to get your project humming along.